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Purchase Equipment for Bagpipe Band

Chanter Reeds (20)        $275

Flashes   (5)                  $100  Pipe Cases (5)               $500

Bass Reeds   (10)           $285

Estimated cost            $1,160

Summary:  The Alumni Association donated $600 to H.I.M.A. for bagpipe band equipment. 


Teacher, Mentor, a Legend in his own time!

Coach Donny Van Hook announces his retirement

click below to watch the announcement


2016 Instrumental Music Giving Gala

SATURDAY, APRIL 9 20166:00 PM — 10:00 PM

Good Times, Good Friends, Great Cause
By Helix Instrumental Music Association
4975 Memorial Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942


Posted Thank You

Summary Off Broadway Live

We had our largest Highlander turn out yet.  Filled half the theater!  The show was fantastic.  Thanks to Bob and Steve, the theater guys, for their extra donation.  Look for our next Helix Alumni Night a OFF BROADWAY LIVE on the events page.


Once a Scottie, Always a Scottie!

On Wednesday, April 13th, Helix freshmen (yes, all 640 of them!) will be visiting UCSD and SDSU. We will divide the group into two; one group, will visit SDSU and the other will visit UCSD, and then they will flop.
We need your help in motivating our students to believing that college is an option for each of them! 

Are you able to meet with a group of 20 students and lead them on an hour and a half tour around the campus? 
The tours will start at 9 and 12:30. Can you make either one? If so, please IM me and I will send you more information.
Feel free to share with others who you might think would be interested.
Thank you so much for considering.

Aleen Jendian
Helix First Department Chair
AP English Teacher

April 20th 5-9PM 

Alumni Association fundraiser at 
THE HILLS restaurant in La Mesa.

8758 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa

We are currently raising funds to refresh the gym foyer and purchase equipment for the bagpipe band. Dine between 5-9 PM and 10% of your bill is donated to our projects. 

Summary The Hills Fundraiser

A very successful evening!  Thanks to all the Highlanders, friends, and community members who dined with us that night.  Special thanks to the owners and management team at THE HILLS for giving organizations like ours the opportunity to fundraise at their restaurant.  If you’re looking for a nice, comfortable place to meet with friends, visit THE HILLS!  And last but not least, THANK YOU to the following supporters who donated funds and raffle items:
Lili Feingold
Denise Miller
Jeff Wong
CKO Kickboxing
Seacrest Village Retirement Resort
Barry Mantell
Marie Brown
Katie Taijeron
Jon Morrison
Kevin Thompson
Peggy Van Wulven
Time & Treasures

Watch for a return to THE HILLS date to be announced on the Events page

Helix Alumni Night

Friday   May 6, 2016


Off Broadway Live presents . . .

9490 Cuyamaca St,  Santee

"Decades - The Vinyl Years"

Summary Off Broadway Live

We had our largest Highlander turn out yet.  Filled half the theater!  The show was fantastic.  Thanks to Bob and Steve, the theater guys, for their extra donation.  Look for our next Helix Alumni Night a OFF BROADWAY LIVE on the events page.

Click here for flyer

Sunday,October 9th, 11 - 4

Helix Campus

January  2016
Renovation of trophy cabinet in gym foyer. 
Keys to cabinet had been missing for years.  Alumni Jeff Stoddard, class of 1972, volunteered his time and materials to replace the locks.  Trophies, along with a mountain of dust, were removed, inventoried, and cleaned.  Lights in the cabinet were replaced and are now on!  Glass was cleaned.  Back wall of cabinet was draped with green fabric.  Trophies not in need of repair were returned to cabinet and arranged with a plaid fabric drape.

Timing was perfect.  Shortly after our renovation, the NFL scheduled their Golden Football presentation at Helix.  The contents of the cabinet were changed to feature the four Highlander lads who have participated in a NFL Super Bowl game.      
This project is not finished.  One pane of glass is broken and needs to be replaced.  The cabinet doors are very difficult to slide open.  We are also hoping to replace sliding doors/glass, install lightning, and a lock on a second cabinet in the foyer.

Updating Scottie  (Finished)

After seeing our Scottie Mascot at the All Class Reunion in August we were saddened that Scottie had gone into such disrepair. With the monies collected at the August event Alumni Association committee member, Cheri Cooper Robertson,  knew who to ask for help. One of her classmatesJennifer Martin Kindschi (class of ’72) works at Sea World, making and restoring their character costumes. She also makes the costumes for the CYT. Jennifer agreed to look at Scottie to decide if he was worth trying to fix or if we needed a whole new Scottie made from scratch. After several hours of going over Scottie, Jennifer decided this Scottie could last for a few more years. Scottie smelled bad, both inside and out. The tongue and most of the clothes were sun faded. The underclothes had deteriorated with sweat; Jennifer had her work cut out for her. 

Between her fulltime job and other commitments she took on Scottie. Washing, sanitizing, made new inserts for the inside of the helmet, repaired the helmet, sewing a new glengarry cap, eyelift by painting the inside of the head, sewed a new tongue, took the shoe polish off the nose and painted it with the correct paint, repaired or made new under clothes, made a new kilt, made a new sporran, repaired the shoe covers, made 2 new sets hands and I am sure numerous other repairs or creations. Jennifer wrote out instructions on keeping Scottie in good, clean shape. Hopefully this Scottie will last for several more years.

We are so grateful to Jennifer Martin Kindschi for her talents and tireless work on Scottie to bring him back to Helix. Hopefully the current students and staff will get Scottie out frequently to all of the Helix events to bring back the spirit that seems to have left Helix in recent years.

Refresh the Gym Foyer

If you’ve had an opportunity to attend an event in the gym, you’ve seen the fantastic graphics on the walls.  Unfortunately, the entrance…the foyer…has been left in the dark ages!  Contractors, Roger Ballantyne and Mike Mallow…members of the class of 1967, have taken a look and given us a plan to freshen it up.

  • Replace ceiling panels
  • Paint walls green and gray matching colors used in graphics
  • Paint out doors
  • Replace glass in trophy cabinets
  • Replace ceiling lights
  • Replace cabinet lighting
  • Add chair rail
No estimate available at this time


Purchase Equipment for Bagpipe Band


Chanter Reeds (20)        $275

Flashes   (5)                  $100  

Pipe Cases (5)               $500

Bass Reeds   (10)           $285

Estimated cost            $1,160

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