Helix High Stories  

The Beach Boys play on the football field on September 9, 1963
The show was called Back-to-School-O-Rama.  They played for 7:30pm to 10:00pm.  Tickets were $1.50
They headlined a roster of twelve artists for a show sponsored by La Mesa Junior Chamber of Commerce for its youth fund drive.

Were you there?  If so, let us know what you remember about the show! 


The Fire That Burned the Claymore  from Don Bonney

The news was full of stories about the big fire that burned the Administration Building at Mt. Miguel High.  The cause was not clear, but it didn’t seem to have been arson.  Word reached us at Helix ASB about 2 days after the fire that we had a problem.  The Claymore trophy was retained each year by the football team that won the annual rivalry game between the Matadors and the Highlanders and Mt. Miguel had won the previous year.  That trophy had burned totally during the big fire and was no more.  The Helix ASB, with big plans for returning it home the next season, voted to find a replacement Claymore sword and replace the trophy, including the information on the front as closely as possible.  We had photos of the whole trophy before its destruction to work with.

As ASB Advisor, I was soon going to England and Scotland leading one of my European trips, so I would do my best to locate a suitable sword and ship it home (you couldn’t carry swords in airplanes even in those days).  I searched high and low in stores, antique markets, local folks selling their goods, and in the equivalent of swap meets, there was no available sword suitable for replacing the Claymore!  On returning home to La Mesa,

I read in the paper about a planned Highland Games to be held in Balboa Stadium the next weekend.  I thought why not give it a look at least, and that is where I found the suitable replacement sword for the lost Claymore.  It was actually a highland Broadsword with a basket around the hand grip – perfect!  Imagine traveling all over Great Britain with no luck and finding what we sought here at home.  The seller gave me a receipt for the purchase and we took it and the photos to a trophy shop to get the plaque remade and it was ready for the Helix win the next football season.  Now the question exists – where is it NOW? 

Film of 1969 Lemon Grove Maytime parade 

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